OutSource Virtual Assistant Network How much is your time worth?

How much is your time worth? 

Our Motto: “We work in your business while you work on it”. As an Entrepreneur and Small Business Owner you need to be focusing on what rings the cash register and nothing more.


What is a Virtual Assistant?

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A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly skilled professional that has worked many years in leading industry across the globe, decided to take their highly developed skills home with them and outsource them to small businesses, enabling them to hold down expenses while still meeting their goals. Our VAs bring fresh innovative ideas to you to help grow your business and streamline processes – And the best thing about it – they have minimal overhead – costing you less than hiring new personnel or using a swanky big staffing service!

Anything that can be done on a computer – a Virtual Assistant can tackle:

  • Big or small
  • Short or ongoing
  • Individual or team-based

Whether you need a writer to knock out a 500-word blog post or a full-fledged software development team to support your business, OutSource Virtual Assistant Network can provide a VA with the skill set you need.  Learn more…


OutSource Virtual Assistant Network

OutSource Virtual Assistant Network is designed with you, the busy entrepreneur or business owner in mind. When you outsource to a Virtual Assistant you bring a professional on board who will invoice you only for the time spent working on the growth and support of your business; you get the benefit of an assistant without the overhead associated with an employee such as taxes, sick and vacation pay, down time, and breaks. OutSource Virtual Assistant Network is your first step toward increasing the profit margin of your business by finding a Virtual Assistant to outsource Administrative and Customized Tasks with a strong focus on Online Marketing ServicesLearn more…


Paradigm Shift: Consider taking the salary of one employee and reap the benefits of several. That’s right! Whatever the task is at hand, a team of professional VAs are available to deliver the highest quality work with the highest return on your investment.


How can a Virtual Assistant increase your bottom-line?OutSource Virtual Assistant Network Bottom Line Increase

Perhaps the most important thing VAs can do is help you become more effective, more efficient, and help grow your business. Rather than getting bogged down by routine tasks and growing to-do lists, turn it over to a highly efficient Virtual Assistant, and stay more productive and organized at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time employee.

Working with VAs can save you money! You don’t have to worry about things like payroll processing, employment taxes, insurance, fair hiring and firing regulations, providing equipment and office space, and other stress-inducing problems. When using a VA you only pay for the time and services performed instead of paying for an 8 hour day when there may not be 8 hours of work to do every day. This frees you up from paying for employee sick and vacation days, coffee breaks and slow times with little work to do.


“An important reengineering principle is that companies should focus on their core competencies and outsource everything else.”     Bill Gates, Founder and CEO Microsoft


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